I started out by making this paper map as a rough outline for my level. It shows the basic level progression, from the player's start point to the end goal. The game is played from a first person perspective, and the mechanics used were a ladder climbing mechanic, a block pushing mechanic, a jetpack mechanic, and kill volume mechanics.* Additionally, I was able to script my own tutorial and a checkpoint system. I even created some moving kill volumes towards the end of the level. This level was built around those mechanics. After I ironed out this outline, I started building the level. After a couple weeks of building, play-testing, and fine tuning I ended up with this finished version.

Note: Press the lock cursor button to lock the cursor to the center of the game.

*Note#2: The mechanics featured in this level were all programmed by Dean Soeder, and his portfolio can be found here.

All sounds are from FreeSound.org.

Year of production: Spring 2015

Install instructions

The zip file contains the executable file and the data folder for the game. Just extract the zip file to a location you can easily access and make sure the executable file is in the same place as the data folder.


SBP_Level4.zip 8 MB

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