I started out by making this paper map as a rough outline for my level. It shows the basic level progression, from the player's start point to the end goal. The game is played from a first person perspective, and the mechanics used were a ladder climbing mechanic, a block pushing mechanic, a jetpack mechanic, and kill volume mechanics.* Additionally, I was able to script my own tutorial and a checkpoint system. I even created some moving kill volumes towards the end of the level. This level was built around those mechanics. After I ironed out this outline, I started building the level. After a couple weeks of building, play-testing, and fine tuning I ended up with this finished version.

Note: Press the lock cursor button to lock the cursor to the center of the game.

*Note#2: The mechanics featured in this level were all programmed by Dean Soeder, and his portfolio can be found here.

All sounds are from FreeSound.org.

Year of production: Spring 2015

Published Sep 21, 2015
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorS. Benjamin Phillips
Made withUnity

Install instructions

The zip file contains the executable file and the data folder for the game. Just extract the zip file to a location you can easily access and make sure the executable file is in the same place as the data folder.


SBP_Level4.zip 8 MB

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