This level is more focused on the scripting aspect than the level design aspect. I modeled the mechanics that I scripted after the mechanics in Nintendo's Metroid Prime series, with some variations such as an area-of-effect for the missiles. When charging the charge gun, it will draw in ammo pickups for your gun or missiles, as well as health pickups. The turrets and moving enemies were built from scripts I made in an earlier project.

Note: The mouse controls in the WebGL player can be kind of wonky, but they work fine in the executable file. Press the lock cursor button to lock the cursor to the center of the game.

All sounds are from


WASD - Move

Space - Jump

1 - Equip charge gun

2 - Equip missile

Left Click - Click to fire weapon, or hold to charge the charge gun

Mouse - Look around

Year of production: Fall 2015

Install instructions

The zip file contains the executable file and the data folder for the game. Just extract the zip file to a location you can easily access and make sure the executable file is in the same place as the data folder.


Download 10 MB

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