I made this level for a virtual environments class in the fall of 2014. This was my first attempt at an exterior environment, and my first time to experiment with unity's tree and terrain editors. Additionally, I got to play around with some sound and a wind zone. I even added a script for a flashlight (activated by pressing "F") that slowly fades as you use it, and recharges when not in use. I'd say the flashlight was my biggest achievement in this level.

There are also some assorted screenshots from my cemetery environment. These showcase the flashlight and the centerpieces of the environment, the gravestones, dead tree, and crypts.

Additionally, there's a video of the flashlight in the cemetery I made, since it doesn't work properly in the web demo due to reduced quality. The flashlight works in the executable file.

*Note: All textures are from Textures.com, and all sounds are from FreeSound.org.

Year of production: Fall 2014

Install instructions

The zip file contains the executable file and the data folder for the game. Just extract the zip file to a location you can easily access and make sure the executable file is in the same place as the data folder.


SBP_Cemetery.zip 21 MB


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This is the shortest but most atmospheric walking simulator I'd ever played, & I enjoyed the peaceful night-time walk around the small cemetery. The rising mist, flames & rustling foliage effects were very good, although the audio is somewhat soft.

I understand that this is a prototype for a past academic exercise, but there is potential for this cemetery walking simulator to be expanded into a longer & fuller-fledged experience -- such as by enlarging the cemetery, including non-generic inscriptions unique to each tombstone, some props of uneven shapes & heights (eg. statues), flying bats or a resident cat that roams around the cemetery, as well as incorporating more interactive elements such as objects that can be picked up & examined (eg. flowers, coins, stones, mementos, fallen fruits, etc).

As for the flashlight, it would be good to provide an onscreen instruction indicating that it can be toggled on & off with the F keypress, because this is not obvious. If not for the game's web description mentioning the existence of the flashlight (but without saying how to activate it), I would have overlooked that there's even a flashlight function.

For greater user interactivity, the flashlight can perhaps be designed as a dynamo type that could be recharged on demand by scrolling down the mousewheel (with corresponding sound effects), instead of letting it run down & recharge on its own.

One issue that can use some improvement is how the tombstones' incised inscriptions ("RIP") totally disappear & the stone becomes flat, when illuminated directly or indirectly with the flashlight.

Another issue is that mouse seems unusually sensitive (for a Unity game), such that even the slightest movement makes the view shift excessively, so it is quite hard to look around in the usual manner without a sense of vertigo.